Dentist Robert L. Odegard, DDS

Robert L. Odegard, DDS
Ajay Amin, DDS
451 Duvall Avenue NE
Renton, WA 98059
(425) 277-4000

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Our Vision

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We provide and uplifting environment that offers a high level of professional, honest, personal, comprehensive and esthetic dental care which exceeds our patients expectations. Our vision is to enthusiastically pursue new methods and new information and to continually seek a higher level of knowledge which will improve our practice, our service and the lives of all who are involved.

We value long term relationships based on mutual respect and provide a phenomenal dental experience to those patients who value and are willing to invest and commit to a high level of oral health and beauty. With openness and integrity we always strive to walk our talk.

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smiling patient Our Vision

Our vision is to provide exceptional complete dental care and patient education and to treat our patients as if we were treating ourselves. We are dedicated to providing personal and comprehensive dental treatment; to encourage our patients to seek non-compromising care, and to educate them as to the benefits of appearance related dentistry which can improve their self image and self worth.

We understand that dental care is not something that most people are excited about receiving and we do a great job at providing painless dentistry in a very comfortable manner. We offer our patients nitrous oxide gas, virtual reality headsets and a nice selection of movies that they can view during their appointments. Hot steamed face towels are provided at the end of each appointment for your comfort. We have strict sterilization measures and always sterilize our instruments in a steam sterilizer after each use. In general, we pamper and protect our patients every step of the way to insure that their experience in our office is both unique and superb. You have to try us to believe it.

Our dental office is unique in that we provide a dental health goal for our patients and we strive to coach them until they reach the goal. The goal is similar for everyone and is essentially as follows:

Our Oral Health Goal for Our Patients…

Pink, firm gums that do not bleed when brushed or flossed and maintenance of a continuous low plaque level. The teeth are free of decay and restored with strong, durable and natural looking restorations that resist wear and breakdown. The teeth look and feel natural as if the person has no restorations at all. The dental restorative materials should be bio-compatible with the gums to create a harmonious environment. They should not corrode, discolor the tooth, collect plaque, leak or weaken the tooth. The persons front teeth should look beautiful in uninhibited smiles and should be white and bright to present a well cared for and healthy appearance. The smile should enhance the persons beauty, make them look younger and contribute to their self esteem. The person should be on a regular dental visit schedule to maintain the health and appearance of their teeth and gums.

Come and join our family of fine patients and see for yourself how easy dentistry can be and how beautiful we can make you look. Call 425-277-4000