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It is part of our mission to keep up with the advancements and changes in dentistry in order to always bring our patients the best in dental health care. Our office is proud of the fact that we have invested in the best and most amazing technologies available which has significantly changed our patents experience. Following is just a few of the technologies that we employ to make our patients dental care experience the best available anywhere.

CAT SCAN Technology


The Prexion

Cone beam cat scan technology has been developed for dental care in the last 3-5 years. It is a low radiation dose cat scan machine that allows the dentist to more accurately see your structures in 3 D. This becomes very useful for planning the placement of dental implants, extracting a wisdom tooth, discovering pathology or performing root canal treatment with accuracy. Since Dr. Odegard is one of the leaders in the Renton area for implant dentistry, we want to be sure that your treatment is safe and well planned. It is all because we care about our patients.


Three dimensional visualization of your structures

Cerec Technology


Permanent beautiful Crowns in one visit

Cerec technology is CAD/Cam dentistry which allows the dentist to fabricate your crown or restoration in one visit. Using a blue ray camera connected to the computer, Dr. Odegard captures a picture of your tooth and designs your filling on the computer right in front of you. The digital information about the design of your tooth is radio waved to a milling unit in our lab and your crown is milled out of a solid porcelain homogenous block in about 10 minutes. These restorations are strong and highly accurate. No more having an impression with goo in your mouth, no more temporary crowns for a few weeks. You have your permanent crown before you leave that day. This saves our patients a lot of time and headache. We are all about making your dental experience better. Orascopti

Orascoptic 4.4 mag Scopes


Dr. Odegard always wears Orascoptic 4.5 magnification surgical microscopes whenever he is working on your tooth. Why? Have you ever looked through a 4.5 magnified micro- telescope? Your tooth looks like something that Dr. Odegard could just climb on top of and fix the hole. It is huge and the cavity is extremely clear. By using telescopes, Dr. Odegard can very meticulously and accurately remove all of the cavity and no more. He can keep his crown edges just above the gum and extremely smooth for better fitting and looking restorations. You can be assured of our commitment to the quality of your dental care in our office. It is all about caring for our patients to do the best job that we can.